10 Compliments: What She Wants to Hear on Her Special Day

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Every bride wants to be showered with compliments on her wedding day. These compliments can be related to everything: ceremony, reception, her dress, or every single detail that entwined into this magic moment. This day is a huge labor of love and even nerves, so every bride wants to be surrounded with adoration.

While we've been shooting these bridal portraits at the Lake Murray with gorgeous Anna, we asked her what she wants to hear on her special day that'll make her feel even more special? Even such a stunning bride like Anna wants to feel like she's the center of the Universe on her wedding.

Here are 10 best complements you can say to any bride:

  1. You look stunning/beautiful/gorgeous/glowing/beaming

  2. Your dress complements you, it's perfect

  3. Your hair is beautiful

  4. What a stunning wedding bouquet

  5. You two such a beautiful/perfect couple

  6. What a beautiful/touching ceremony

  7. Such a beautiful decoration and color scheme

  8. These rings are stunning

  9. The cake is perfect

  10. Such a beautiful wedding

Please don't forget, it's her special day. Have as much fun as you can and enjoy her happiness!

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