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10 Reasons to Visit Puerto Vallarta

My Vacation in Mexico, Jalisco, town of Puerto Vallarta

In the middle of the busiest wedding season I cut out a few days to grab my husband (who just completed his busiest tax season) to go to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico to visit our friends who recently moved to Mexico. We instantly fell in love with Mexico and I will tell you why.

  1. COLOR!

It was my very first time in Mexico, and the very first thing I fell in love with is a lot of vibrant colors. Puerto Vallarta (PV) is really colorful, bright, and timeless. Who knows me and my photography style, knows how I admire colors. My life is colorful, and I so much appreciate colors around me! My weddings are colorful.


The beaches of Puerto Vallarta are simply amazing. Water is warm the whole year around and very clean most of the time. Naturally, during the rain season, some soil from the jungle comes into the ocean and makes it a little bit murky. We were so lucky, the water was fantastic and clean, no waves, you can simply enjoy it.


We've been given a Mother Nature's dearest gift, we observed freshly hatched baby sea turtle reaching the ocean. It wasn't a season, it already passed, and seeing this little wonder was so awesome!

We saw so many different animals, like iguanas, birds, and frogs, but didn't document all of them. We simply observed and enjoyed.


Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by rich emerald greens. Comparing to California, it's just magical lavish jungle where your eyes in rest.


You never stop to be amazed by how different and eclectic architecture in Puerto Vallarta is. It's such a fusion of Spanish and local traditional one. We stayed at Zona Romantica, and every building there was just completely different from the neighboring one. And so colorful! I was searching for these colorful buildings all 6 days just to find them on the last day so close to my favorite restaurant!


As an artist, I admire other artists' work. In PV I saw a lot of beautiful murals!


In PV there are several districts, and some of them are: Marina, Zona Hotelliera, Zona Romantica, Malicon. Malicon is the place to have fun, dance, dine, enjoy some historical places. One of them is

Parish of Our Lady Guadalupe, a beautiful temple celebrating a 100 years since was finished.


You never get bored at the Mexican market. You hear all the time: "Hey, big money spenders, come here!" If you want to bring a part of this colorfulness back with you, it's a place to go!


I can't say the food is super cheap. It's relatively cheaper than in San Diego and super delicious. There are a lot of restaurants offering local craft food. I didn't want to eat meat at all, all 6 days we enjoyed fresh seafood every single day! My favorite seafood is octopus, I also enjoyed yummy grilled shrimp tacos, and fresh caught dorado.


I drank a lot of Margaritas in my life in San Diego, but the best Margaritas are here, in PV! Especially, if you can enjoy them right on the beach, dipping your feet in the sand, and going swimming and back to your table all the time! Margarita is a very funny drink, it makes you laugh.

Six days flew so fast, and it was time to go back home to document beautiful weddings in San Diego. While I was there, I even booked one Bat Mitzvah and two weddings! I want to photograph a wedding in PV one day.

Bye Puerto Vallarta, see you soon!

Spoiler alert!!!

I returned to PV in a couple of months, but it's a different story. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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