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8 Tips to Make Your Senior Portraits Photo Session Successful


I LOVE shooting seniors!!! I just love it!!!! Seniors are at an awesome stage in their lives, they have their whole future ahead of them. I love talking with them, ask them questions, find out what their plans for the future are. I love to encourage them and invest in them while I’m with them.

Most seniors have never been in front of a professional photographer. I like making them comfortable. I love to praise them when they look good in front of the camera. I love to turn my camera around and show them some little peaks of how well they are doing. THEY LOVE THIS! It always encourages them to keep up the good work, and will give them confidence in their appearance.

We planned this photo session with Safari for months. Safari lives in Wisconsin!!! She was going to visit her grandmother in Oceanside on August, and she found me on Facebook. We had a great and fun time together working on her portraits in several locations: Leo Carrillo Ranch and Carlsbad Village Train StationOceanside City Hall and Oceanside Pier.

What made this photo session successful? Here are 8 tips I want to share to make your senior portraits photo session successful:

  1. Wear the right clothes. Senior should consult their photographer what to wear for each location. Avoid busy prints and plaid shirts. Avoid uncomfortable and brand new clothes. Please iron them!!! Make sure you cut out all the strips and tags)))

  2. Nicely styled hair. Please don’t do a new hair cut or new hair style right before your session!!!! If you would like to change anything, do it at least a week prior to your session. Go with a hair stylist, or just make your hair look nice, clean, and brushed.

  3. Make up. Invest in professional make up. If you would like to do it yourself, make sure it’s consistent with your whole image and a style you picked for your session.

  4. Don’t force your smile. Try to relax. Photographer knows what to do. Experienced professional will guide you through the session and tell you where to smile, no smile, or simply lough!

  5. No rush! I’ll repeat – try to relax! Enjoy every second of this session, learn how to pose, photographer wants you to feel this experience.

  6. Good posing. Listen your photographer about posing, and listen carefully. Many of seniors know how to pose for selfies, but being in front of the camera is something different. Photographer wants to capture the BEST of YOU!

  7. Don’t be shy. For many of you it’s a first professional photo session, and you may feel shy. Please don’t! A good photographer will try to talk with you about your interests, plans for future, career path…. This conversation relaxes and makes you open up in front of  the camera. Please try to relax and enjoy the ride!

  8. Picking the right photographer. When surfing the Internet in search of the photographer, make sure the pro has a certain experience working with seniors. Another important thing is to love their style. Carlsbad Photo has a vast experience working with Oceanside High School seniors and will be happy to serve you with your senior portraits. Prices may vary. Believe me, it’s usually a huge difference in experience, quality, service, equipment, and a final product between $50 and $350. Choose wisely!

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