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Best 10 Spots for Balboa Park Engagement Pictures

Best places in Balboa Park , San Diego for engagement photos

I met Brianna at The Point open house back in March. She was looking for a perfect beachfront venue for her and Garrett's wedding. She said she fell in love with my photography and wanted me to document her engagement and wedding too.

Brianna desided to do her engagement pictures at Balboa Park. Luckily, I was very familiar with Balboa park and new of the best locations for pictures. Here are 10 best locations for engagement pictures in Balboa Park:

  1. Lily Pond

Lily Pond alone with the Botanical Building is a very iconic location, this time was under construction.

2. Timken Museum

All areas around Timken museum are created for engagement pictures! Absolutely gorgeous iron fences are a perfect background for love!

3. Casa de Balboa area

Tons of architectural elements and tiny gardens around Casa de Balboa will make your engagement session unique. These areas are usually shaded and flowers always bloom to create a nice background for the pictures.

4. House of Hospitality

Area around and especially inside of the House of Hospitality is perfect and unique too. Besides having a wedding at Prado Restaurant you can take beautiful pictures by the fountain.

5. Big Roots Tree

This is a gorgeous location and not many people know about it. Big roots tree creates really intimate atmosphere for romantic pictures.

6. Alcazar Garden

Alcazar garden is very popular because you can capture the Tower on the background alone with beautifully created geometrical garden. Different flowers bloom throughout the year and let us document love in color.

7. The Main Square

The area around the Main Square is reach in gorgeous arches and constantly blossoming flowers.

8. The Fountain

The fountain is an iconic spot and I would say you must do pictures there!

9. Rose Garden

One more iconic location in Balboa park is the Rose Garden. You can see roses of all the different colors and from all over the world.

10. Cactus Garden

Cactus garden is located on the outskirts of Balboa Park and contains pretty old cactus trees and absolutely awesome plants.

Thank you so much for walking with me through this beautiful session.

You can find a complete video below or on YouTube at:

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