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Best Wedding Dates 2021

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

How to Choose Your Wedding Date

Congrats on your engagement! Do you think it's time to relax? No way! It’s time to start wedding planning. The biggest influence on the date you get married is probably a venue availability.

Did you know that the average length of an engagement in the USA is 12-18 months? Give it some time to speak with family and friends regarding the best date.

What are the best months to get married? May through October are typically peak dates. Some couples in California want to avoid high heat—may choose to avoid late July and August. The most popular dates though fall on October, but early November has been gaining in popularity.

If you want a larger guest list, it's better to avoid some family oriented holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Avoid big sporting events and conventions.

According to Astrology, these are the best days to get married:

  • A New Moon. If we’re talking about getting married, new moons are typically the best time because it represents planting seeds, starting something fresh, and growing from the ground up. Luckily, they happen once a month, so you’ve got options.

  • New Moon During Libra Season. The libra sign is connected to relationships, companionship, and togetherness. Coincidentally (or maybe not?), Libra season occurs between September and October—two of the most popular months for weddings.

  • New Moon During Capricorn Season. This happens during the winter, but Capricorn represents longevity, endurance, and determination.

  • A Solar Eclipse. Though rare—they only occur two to three times a year—solar eclipses are also considered auspicious. These are basically supercharged new moons.

  • Jupiter Transit. Jupiter is the planet of abundance. It’s known to be very benevolent, and bring meaning, fulfillment, and prosperity.

  • Saturn Transit. Saturn is connected to hard work and discipline, but most significantly represents where we tend to master things over time. If you’re looking for a little good juju in the longevity department, consider this a great time to get hitched. A Saturn transit kind of seals a marriage. If Saturn’s involved, y’all are gonna be married forever.

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