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5 Cool Things to See in Sedona

San Diego Wedding Photographer Travels to Sedona, Arizona

Going on a trip to Sedona was a definite win, the scenery was outlandish and seems like it came from a SciFi movie.

As we were about to arrive to the cabin in the total darkness, we started to feel a bit hungry and decided to eat at one of the restaurants that you could only find in Sedona. We tried to go to a few, but they were closed because of Easter, this definitely agitated us, but we kept on looking. We finally found a place that was open and it was The Vault, the food was great and definitely worth the try. The local craft beer was stunning as the flavor was nothing you would expect from any normal beer company. When we finally arrived to our cabin, we were tired, but decided to visit the hot tub. It was a nice relaxing finish to our first day as we started to get ready for the upcoming day.

When the first day rolled around we woke up early to go on our first hike of the day. The Devil's Bridge. It was an easy hike and a good start to our day, the landscape was stunning as the hike was full of amazing scenery and jaw dropping sites. The plant life was as exotic as you could expect, and the colors livened up the trail. Once we got to the devils bridge, it was clear that this hike was worth the hours spent to get to it. The Bridge itself looked terrifying, and I personally decided not to go on. You could see a lot of the National park from the stunning view. The descent was as good as you would expect going up, and most of the flowers were fully bloomed. My camera is always with me, and I enjoyed taking a million pictures of the flowers! A great finish for the first part of our day.

We had a couple of hours rest at the cabin, enjoyed the hot tub again, and went to the village for an ice cream. Since our stay was limited, we needed to pick the best locations. At one store a lady recommended to visit the Stupa where you can feel a presence and being cared of.

Therefore, the next stop was just as good as the first one, as the temple was colorful and huge. There were many small activities that you could do there; such as spinning a cylinder ( you can do in any Buddhist Temple) and thinking of a wish and writing down a wish for a friend. The plant life there was also stunning, the flowers were in full bloom and it was a great site to see. Stupa located in the heart of one of the Vortexes and if you came prepared and openhearted, you'll feel it. I meditated and felt I refilled my energy. This was definitely worth the trip, if you are planning to go to Sedona be sure to put Amitabha Stupa on your list!

The day wasn't over yet, and the Bell Rock trail was a great end for our final trail of the day. The scenery was stunning and the trip was fairly easy. We decided to go on the trip around the Bell Rock trail, but as the day was starting to close, the adrenaline kicked in as we knew we needed to get back to the parking lot as soon as possible. The trail was amazing as it included a lot of wild life and stunning scenery. We were able to experience sundown right as we made it back to the parking lot and it stunned us. It was as beautiful as it could get with the pink sky and the florescent clouds. A wonderful end for our day!

As we were hungry as anyone would, we went to a restaurant at the resort TC's Bar & Grill at the Poco Diablo resort that you could only go to in Sedona and it was great. The local burger was just as good as perfection. The texture of the burger was as good as any other burger chain, but the taste and the added sweetness of the aioli sauce was just the right topping to make it one of the best burgers anyone could experience. Great dinner to end of our only full day in Sedona.

Just as the first day, we had to wake up early to pack up and prepare to leave this wonderful city and state. But not without a few trails and hikes to even more stunning places. We started off the day by going to the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the view was as stunning as the previous ones. But the inside is where it was really worth the drive. The authentic smell of something you would find in an old church and the combined lighting made it relaxing. Not to even speak about the statue that laid inside. A great start for our day!

As we were going to go to our next hike at The Cathedral Rock trail , we almost had to leave as the parking was a nightmare. There were no empty spots, but just as we were about to leave, someone was leaving. The hike was pretty good, but not as good as the first few. The hike up is definitely more difficult than the rest but the views were still as stunning as predicted. The plants were also great as it was spring and most flowers bloomed.

As we were finally done with our trip to Sedona, we decided to stop by Butterfly Burger. It was absolutely phenomenal as the butterfly burgers froze us in our tracks as it was completely unexpected. The juiciness of the burger meat was amazing combined with the soft and sponge-like bun made it an amazing fit with the yuca fries. The local craft beer was also great as it had an unexpected sweetness added. This was definitely a great and final good bye to Arizona and Sedona.

The trip back was as expected, but the sand problem was pretty bad as the sand was hitting our car and just made the trip slightly harder. The stunning views were a good comeback for the way back. We stopped by for some cold shakes in the 100 degree weather as it was a great close for our wonderful road trip. It makes me wondering, where is our next destination?

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