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Top Ring Trends in 2023

Engagement Rings in 2023 according to Brides

A new year is an opportunity to take the next step in a relationship and get engaged! The next thing to do is to choose the perfect engagement ring. It's a fun and exciting process and it’s important to know top 5 engagement ring trends in this New 2023 Year.

Modern Art-Deco

Art-deco is still going strong with it's timeless elegance.

Art-Deco is perfect for couples with unique styles mixed with timeless and elegant touches.

Colored Stones

Diamonds will forever be an engagement ring symbol, but some couples may step away from tradition and opting for pieces with colored gemstones.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

With the push toward sustainability the demand for lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones is not slowing down.

East-West Settings

It's not a new trend, and it's becoming more popular among couples emphasizing each other's uniqueness.

Multiple Large Stones

You can skip the solitaire setting and opt for designs that feature multiple large stones.

Other variations can also include three-stone rings, or clusters of multiple diamonds and gemstones.

Which one of this trends reflect your personality and style?

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